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Urduha, more commonly known as Princess Urduja (The legendary mythical warrior leader of Pangasinan), was a 14th century warrior queen of Tawalisi, in what is now known as Pangasinan. Princess Urduha was trained in the art of war since she was a child, and became an expert in using the kampilan and a skilled navigator. Known far and wide, she was famous for leading a retinue of women warriors who were skilled fighters, equestrians, and experts in weaponry. With bodies of strength and muscular physique, they were known as Kinalakihan, or Amazons. The legend of Princess Urduha can be attributed to the story of when she met the greatest traveler in history, Ibn Battuta. (Learn more here:

Survival Arts continues the legacy of Queen Urduha by leading the first all-womxn’s Kali training groups around the world. By training womxn and girls to protect their bodies from violence and sexual assault, Survival Arts works to carry on our warrior bloodline.

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5.5-oz. 100% Combed Cotton T-Shirt. Printed tag. Machine wash cold. Tumble dry low. Pre-shrunk to minimize shrinkage. Machine washable.

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