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UNITY – Strongest Together (Women)


“We knew the potential when we joined together not as competitors but as true brothers.” –Andy Imutan, Farm Worker and Organizer

On March 17, 1966, the Filipino led Agricultural Workers Organizing Committee and Mexican led National Farm Workers Association joined in a historic march to fight for workers rights, later joining in one union–the United Farm Workers.

Today, our communities continue to fight for justice against issues like discriminatory immigration practices. This project, a collaborative effort between Filipino and Mexican activists and artists–Chikle and Bayani Art–reminds us our communities are strongest when we work together.

Bayani Art X Chikle!

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5.5-oz. 100% Combed Cotton T-Shirt. Printed tag. Machine wash cold. Tumble dry low. Pre-shrunk to minimize shrinkage. Machine washable.

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