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Positively No Filipinos Allowed


Vintage poster on display in the exhibit “We Are America:  Resistance and Resilience” premiered at Oakland Asian Cultural Center in 2012.  Signs like this were seen throughout the west coast during the Great Depression when Filipinos were scapegoated for the economic downturn in the U.S.  Called monkeys, racial hatred towards U.S. Nationals continued oppressive sentiments during Philippine colonial times.  Like the Chinese in 1887, Filipinos were excluded through the Tydings Mc Duffie Act of 1934.  Know History, Know Self.

Positively No Filipinos Allowed, Stockton, CA circa 1929, photo credit Look Magazine

Procedes from the sales of the Positively No Filipinos Allowed posters will go towards the Pilipino Youth Coalition.

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Quality prints available in 17×11 size.


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