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Battle of Pinaglabanan


On August 30, 1896 Andres Bonifacio and Emilio Jacinto led a group of Katipuneros to attacked the El Polvorin (powder depot) of San Juan which was well defended by well-armed and trained Spanish artillerists and infantrymen. Bonifacio was able to capture the powder depot and water station but was force to retreat when the Spanish reinforcements arrived and later had them outnumbered with superior weapons. More than 200 Katipuneros were taken prisoner and 150 died. The news of the battle reverberated throughout the arkipelago. The town of San Juan del Monte was transformed into a national symbol of unity, freedom and a shrine of Filipino courage.
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Art by Tata Ponsi

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5×7 Laser engraved wood art by Calia Designs


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