On March 8th, Bayani Art held our first workshop at PASU’s (Pilipino-American Student Union) PYLC (Pilipino Youth Leadership Conference.) PYLC is an  annual conference where young Filipinos can learn about their history, culture, issues in the Filipino community, leadership, and what they can do to help. Each year there’s a new theme and this year’s theme was Bayani, which is translated into Warrior or Hero. This was a wonderful opportunity for us to help raise awareness not only through artwork, but a workshop for High School youth.

The workshop was created to show the significance of two Filipino revolutionary men: Jose Rizal and Andres Bonifacio; the two men who put an end to the 300 years of enslavement. Another purpose was to have the youth understand the importance of organizing in every revolution and to do so, we put them into the shoes of the oppressed and the oppressors  We hope that our workshop has inspired the youth to find the Bayani in themselves. This was a wonderful experience for Bayani Art, and hopefully we will be back for next year’s PYLC.

Robin/Bayani Art
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