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Purmassuri Skateboard Deck


Princess Purmassuri of Sulu is known for her exceptional bravery. whose leadership and cunning was indirectly responsible for the Spaniards’ not gaining a foothold in Moroland. Purmassuri’s story proves that Filipina women are ready and willing to sacrifice for the freedom of their native land.

@bayaniart and @illamanila collaboration skateboard deck in celebration of International Women’s Day.

This skate deck design means a lot to me because it signifies so much in my life. This piece brought new inspiration and meaning to my art, and that is something I’ve been searching for for many years. So when I was presented with this opportunity I quickly went to the drawing board and poured my heart out. I wanted this piece to inspire our young pinays to be proud of their heritage, proud of their skin color and proud of everything that is “us” being filipino. So this piece represents our sisters from the Southern area of our homeland in the Mindanao area and she is Purmassuri a brave princess of Sulu who was very beautiful who’s heart was strong and dominant so much as so to lead the spaniards to their destruction. So working with Bayani and Illa Manila was a natural step to take, I hope to whomever receives this board to be proud and be inspired to help and educate others of the beauty and power of our filipino women.

Art by @dirty.electric

Out of stock

Out of stock

Deck: 8.25″ x 31.75″
Stain color may vary.


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