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Kris Sword


Late 19th century half-waved Kris or in the three major dialects of Mindanao Luma/Ranti/Kalis Taluseko (Mag’/Mar’/Tau’) from the southern Philippines. The blade shows some patterning throughout the tungo/bakukum/tiuwang (Mag’/Mar’/Tau’) or blade on both side. Two different types of asang-asang/baca-baca (Mag’/Tau’)/(Mar’) or stirrup one of a steel and the other pure copper that securely holds the blade in place. Beautiful craftsmanship on the gangya/sampir/katik (Mag’/Mar’/Tau’) or guard that showcases intricate designs by the artisan. The ulu-ulu/sooang/puhan (Mag’/Mar’/Tau’) or hilt consist of a silver ferrule and wrapped with jute or twine made from natural plant fibers. It is missing a band unfortunately. A very nice cockatoo head shape pommel made out of bunti wood.


Out of stock

Out of stock

Measurements: Blade 22 1/2” Hilt 5 1/2” Overall 28”

Legend: Maguindanoan (Mag’) Maranao (Mar’) Tausug (Tau’)

Kris blade does not have a scabbard.


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