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King of Tondo • KA (Unity) (Snapback)


Rajah Sulayman (1558-1575) Regarded as a brave and great ruler of Tondo, Manila. He led a native revolt against the Spanish in 1574 when the new Governor-General did not honor the treaty with the prior Rajah. The defiance of Rajah Sulayman came to be known as the “Sulayman Revolt” also known as The “First Battle of Manila Bay”.

Baybayin script – Hari ng Tundo (King of Tondo) and “KA” (Magkaisa/Unity)
Baybayin also incorrectly known as Alibata is a pre-colonial Philippine writing system. The term baybayin means “to spell” in Tagalog. The script was used in the Archipelago along with other writing systems.

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Art by Tata Ponsi
Baybayin script by Jacob Ira

Bayani Art X SIIIS

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SIIIS SnapBack Cap 100% Cotton Cap, Front Logo 3D/Puff Embroidery and Square peak.

Hat Sizes

7 1/2 (60cm), 7 1/4 (58cm), 7 1/8 (57cm), 7 3/8 (59cm)


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