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Kampilan Sword


A very nice 19th century Kampilan from the Southern Philippines. The hilt exhibits a very beautiful okil/okir motif carvings on both the sampok/ampa (Mag’/Mar’) or guard and the sundi/sooang (Mag’/Mar’) or pommel and a full rattan wrapping. There is a single iron staple on the guard that serves a protection to the users knuckle. The tungo/bakukum (Mag’/Mar’) or blade is beautifully forged that shows some hardening on the galngan/garanang (Mag’/Mar’) or edge and silver inlays on the mudchong/sokot (Mag’/Mar’) or tip of the blade.


Out of stock

Out of stock

Measurements: Blade length: 28.5” Hilt 10.5” Overall: 39”
Legend: Maguindanoan (Mag’) Maranao (Mar’)
Kampilan blade does not have a scabbard.


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