As we celebrate the first Filipinos to set foot in America on October 18, 1587 for Filipino American History Month, we also celebrate the first time the Barong Tagalog was worn in America.

We commemorate these trailblazing Filipinos who were shipmen wearing work barongs on Spanish vessels during the Manila Galleon Trade. The Manila Galleon Trade, or Manila-Acapulco Trade, was the very first direct trade route and connection between Asia, the Americas and Europe. From there, the barong went international, inspiring and influencing the guayabera, which was and is worn by Mexican, Cuban, Puerto Rican and other Latin American people. Historical takeaway: our Filipino ancestors had style that everyone wanted a piece of.

We continue what our ancestors started with our own version of their work barongs: the everyday barong. Pineapple Industries and Bayani Art have teamed up to bring you this special edition everyday barong featuring Bayani Art’s KA Baybayin character logo.