On Saturday March 23, 2019 Bayani Art held a workshop, Pamana Ng Lahi: Understanding Heritage and History as a Platform for Social Change at Stanford University for their Filipino club, the Pilipino American Student Union. The first half of the workshop we discussed several Bayani that have contributed to Philippine history such as Lapu Lapu, Gabriela Silang, Andres Bonifacio, and Jose Rizal. We continued to discuss other Filipino Bayani who contributed to American history such as Larry Itliong and Philip Vera Cruz. After we let the students take a look at the different collaboration projects we have made with different members of the community, emphasizing that collaboration is important to Bayani Art.
Different collaboration projects we shared was with the students were our projects with Ruby Ibarra, the Golden State Warriors, the Oakland Athletics, ABS-CBN, Manilatown Heritage Foundation, etc.