Saturday, November 7, 2015 Los Angeles proudly hosted the 24th Annual Festival of Philippine Arts and Culture. Bayaniart got the chance to vend and are honored to have attended the event amongst all who came out and supported. It was also pleasant to side with the many vendors and non-profits wanting to share their talents. Thank you for creating, inspiring, and raising the awareness in order to commemorate the rich history, culture, and heritage that bond the Filipino American community. The 24th Annual Festival of Philippine Arts & Culture (FPAC) featured contemporary and traditional Filipino food, music, dance, crafts and culture. The festival, the City of Los Angeles’ Filipino American Event, is the longest-running Filipino cultural celebration in Southern California. As the performances entertained the crowd while Filipino community organizations and cultural brands share their information, this event was once again a success and together let’s continue to inspire as we represent our heritage. This year’s theme for the City of Los Angeles’ Filipino American Event is “Balik tanaw, Pananaw bukas” a Tagalog phrase meaning “looking back, moving forward.” As a community we honor the culture paved by our ancestors, and let’s continue to move forward together. Thank you again FPAC! Until Next time!

Aaron/Bayani Art
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