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In 1986, the People’s Revolution was a turning point in world history.  Because of the untimely death of Ninoy Aquino, the dormant longing of Filipinos for freedom erupted on February 22-25, 1986, the first-ever People Power EDSA Revolution, a peaceful revolution that involved millions of Filipino people that has been witnessed by the entire world. The peaceful protest proved to the world that we could attain positive change in our country without using violence on innocent people. After the death of Ninoy, the rest of the world started to realize that if they do not build a democracy in Asian countries, people of other countries may not endure a kind of dictatorship.  A quote from Aquino states, “Our job is to awaken our people from their lethargy.  We must infuse them with the want to again become free.”   He believed that everybody in the Philippines is capable of reaching freedom.

The 1986 Philippine Revolution because a model for all of the revolutions that occurred in the end of the Cold War as well as in other places throughout Latin American and a number of other places in the world. Ninoy believed in the idea of the power of the truth.  The power to say no and to say, “No!” you protest, “The moment you say no to tyranny, you are beginning the struggle, the long lonely road to freedom. And so I ask this afternoon, please say no and learn to say no. No to tyranny! No to corruption! No to all this degradation of human dignity! Because then, I feel the true air of your fathers who before you have shed their blood for our freedoms.”