About Us



Bayani Art is a community-centered venture with a heartfelt mission to reinforce unity within our community by delving into and sharing the rich history of our Motherland. Rooted in Tondo, Manila, Philippines, and nurtured in the vibrant community of Oakland, California, we are a proudly independent, locally-owned initiative. Our foundational values, instilled in us by our wise elders, guide our unwavering dedication to preserving and celebrating our cultural heritage.

Our journey began as a grassroots effort to harness and showcase the creative talents within our community, providing a platform for our artisans to share their unique artworks and crafts. When you support Bayani Art and our local artists, you’re not just appreciating art; you’re actively participating in a movement that honors our shared history and amplifies the Filipino presence across the globe.

By choosing Bayani Art, you’re joining hands with us in a community effort to honor our past and empower our future generations.