On Friday, February 26th, 2016 Pilipino Youth Coalition of Southern Alameda County celebrated it’s 20th Anniversary. PYC is one of youth organizations for Filipino Advocates for Justice. PYC began February 1996 when local high school and community college students felt there was a need for a Pilipino youth organization in Union City. Since then PYC has continued to be a peer-led group where young people develop their leadership skills, provide mutual support and create positive change within themselves and their community. There were many different stories of the many PYC generations who shared how they now use what they’ve learned in PYC in their lives. A portion of our proceeds went to the organization whose goal was to make $1500 which would be matched with FAJ’s matching grant, making it $3000. This fundraiser will help ensure this vital program continue to develop youth leaders, provide a safe space for young people, and serve the community for 20 or more years to come.

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