Defend Land –

The inspiration behind the design derives from an Indigenous legend, called “Sleeping Beauty Mountain” that takes place on Mt. Patukan in Kalinga Province of the Philippines. The story is about a woman who lost her loved one during a battle. Rather than leaving Mt. Patukan to find another, she wanted to stay alone believing that he’ll return. She waited so long, that she became one with the mountain ranges as a maiden laying down, mourning from her loss. This story has been told for generations among the people of Kalinga.

The representation of this story along with decades of Indigenous people of the Cordilleras defending and preserving their ancestral lands brought this design together. The recent typhoons that took place in the Philippines, along with man-made changes to the environment, left many lives affected by the aftermath.

Defend Land project led by Igorot-American artist, Gerald Mayupao of Anito Spirit


For our collaborative project, 100% OF PROCEEDS will go towards typhoon relief funding in Cagayan Valley and Cordillera communities. Our funds will go directly to Bulanao Centro Women’s Organization led by Indigenous peoples of Kalinga who strive to aid local communities of the Philippines.


Photos of typhoon relief efforts in Cagayan, 12/13/20 from Bulanao Centro Women’s Organization.