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Bayani Art X Reppin Blade Set Pins


The Kris blades are wide at the base, double edged and waved, semi-waved and straight. The blade was a symbol of a warrior’s status and rank in society. It was believed that the unconquerable Sultan Kuldarat used the most famous Moro weapon.

The Kampilan is a fearsome long single edged sword. A Warrior’s preferred sword for battle. The Kampilan was a sword for war and the court. As a court sword it represented the Datu’s prestige and power. Historians believed that Datu Lapu Lapu and his men used the Kampilan sword to defeat the Spanish conquistadors led by Ferdinand Magellan that is known as the Battle of Mactan.

The Bolo is a single edged blade also known as Itak. It was a primary weapon used by Andres Bonifacio and the Katipunan during the Philippine Revolution against Spain and was also used by the Republic of the Philippines during the Philippine American War.

Bayani Art X Reppin Pins


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1.75″ Height, Silver with Black outline.

Bayani Art X Reppin Pins


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